Hendrick Farm is founded on the principle that a vibrant neighbourhood is in tune with its cultural, historical, and natural environment. Old Chelsea’s history of village-scale commerce started in 1802 and Hendrick Farm is building on that healthy foundation. The village centre seamlessly blends urban living and a country community by ensuring amenities and local businesses are but a short stroll from all corners of the neighbourhood.


Plans for the village centre feature live-work units, shops, cafes, restaurants, and plazas in a picturesque setting designed for pedestrians.


Take a walk through the village and you may stumble on a neighbour perusing treats at your local bakery, a friend buying produce, or your partner waiting to meet you for lunch on a beautiful restaurant terrace.

All parking is discreetly and conveniently tucked away and traffic flow is designed to encourage walkability, preserve the aesthetics of the village, and provide accessible, open, and pedestrian-friendly green spaces. Hendrick Farm’s village centre is a rejection of the concrete jungles that are suburban strip malls.

Hendrick Farm is resurrecting the concept of a true village…Others would do well to look at what can be accomplished with some innovative thinking and chutzpah.” -Ottawa Magazine


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