A registered non-profit, the Hendrick Foundation’s mission is to provide leadership and financial support for local agriculture, sustainable land use, environmental education, and community engagement.

The Foundation runs the Hendrick Farm’s organic farming operations, maintains all common green spaces and trails, and provides educational resources for those interested in local agriculture, gardening, and innovative land use.

The Hendrick Foundation’s mandate is to:

  • Ensure the community maintains a connection with local agricultural production and the land through the preservation of the on-site organic farm.
  • Ensure continued access to outdoor recreational spaces for residents and the public, while keeping the natural surroundings healthy and beautiful, through the creation and maintenance of parks, trails, and gardens.
  • Build and maintain engagement, connections, and partnerships within the local community by providing event spaces, support, and resources.
  • Demonstrate and increase awareness of the importance of the impact of urban planning principles on lifestyle and community building.
One per cent of all Hendrick Farm home sales in perpetuity will directly support the Hendrick Foundation’s operations and programming.


Sean Lacroix

Director of Operations

Adam Berkelmans

Organic Agriculture & Environments Officer

Vanessa Turner

Farmer & Events Coordinator

Julio Rodriguez



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