Built on the principles of Adaptive Development, Hendrick Farm is the first community of its kind in Canada. By interconnecting land use, walkability, sociability, commerce, and healthy neighbourhood design, it captures a genuine sense of place.

Adaptive developments incorporate layers of planning that reflect the historical, social, and environmental realities of a specific site. Pioneered by Landlab Inc., those who follow the principles of Adaptive Development seek to design and build meaningful places that are responsive to their surroundings and, ultimately, create economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable communities for people and nature.

Hendrick Farm is designed to blend beautifully with the local and natural environments.

Each adaptive development is designed to complement the land’s physical shape and geography, its people, its history, and its place within the local community. In this way, each project is as unique as the land on which it is developed. These developments work with the natural topography of the land, instead of against it.

The careful juxtaposition of public spaces and private homes results in clusters of houses that are connected by a network of sidewalks, green corridors, and footpaths for maximum walkability. This clustering also allows for the preservation and curation of large swaths of green space.

Adaptive Developments include specific sets of architectural and development code to guide the look and feel of the neighbourhood. This ensures the development’s lasting integrity. The Master Plan specifies placement, design, and materials to be used for all built form. While each individual home and block of homes is true to an architectural aesthetic, different phases introduce new architectural styles to ensure an appropriately textured neighbourhood.

“One Ottawa area development that has recently got it right is the Hendrick Farm project in Old Chelsea, where high quality finishes and intolerance for builder basic standards has produced well-built, solid houses with the intent to create a tangible sense of community.” ~ Ottawa Magazine

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