More than fifty per cent of Hendrick Farm land is consciously preserved green space available for public enjoyment. A variety of interconnected parks, trails, and walking paths provide opportunities for social interaction, recreation, and connections between different segments of the neighbourhood, Gatineau Park, and the surrounding village. These green spaces ensure people and nature come before cars, a concept repeated throughout the community design.

The Hendrick Farm neighbourhood has been carefully designed to ensure maximum walkability and access to outdoor spaces.

Hendrick Farm’s trail system consists of several kilometers of walking trails and parklands that run through forest, meadow, and open spaces, including picnic areas accessible to all. During the winter, the trails are accessible via snowshoes and skis.

All parks and trails have been built with the protection of nature top of mind, and work on them actively balances the needs of the community with the needs of the environment. New trails are laid out around trees to avoid unnecessary cutting, all-natural trail surfaces are used, sensitive areas are avoided, and non-risky standing dead wood is left alone to provide wildlife habitat and food sources.

The Hendrick Foundation team proactively plants native trees and shrubs each year with a mind toward habitat, wildlife food sources, and erosion control. All work is funded and executed by the Hendrick Foundation team, and local materials are used wherever possible.


The joy of a natural playground comes from letting children create their own adventures and discover their own boundaries. 

When it came to planning the children’s playground for Hendrick Farm, it was important that it fit into the natural environment while fostering a sense of adventure and exploration often lacking in modern parks.

Various studies have shown that unstructured free play is crucial to the social development and brain development of children. To that end, the park was designed to engage children from a  range of age groups in a natural setting. The majority of the park is built using natural materials from the area, and it includes a variety of balance beams, log climbers, and steps, as well as swings, monkey bars, slides, and so much more. A children’s garden with multiple raised beds and a rustic hand pump gives children the opportunity to care for plants and interact with nature.

Located near the trailhead and mere steps from the creek, the park is open to all. We highly recommend you come for a visit!


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